Extravagant Music Video by Blurred pictures

Devan and JG Guttaman starred in their first video together with production by Blurred pictures at the Parkside Mansion just recently. The weather was perfect and all the pieces fortunately came together at the last moment. It was a sun filled day having fun with friends and getting some serious work finished. The video will be done with post production soon and released to the world shortly thereafter. Here’s some snapshots by Shaun Asakura while the action was taking place.

D1 D2 D3 D6 D8 D9 Gutta1

Second Hand Smoke

business_devilThis was recorded at Tru Beats Production Studio. It’s a song about being controlled by something or someone and feeling claustrophobic. It’s like, even when the smoke disappears, you still can’t escape it’s long lasting effects. This song was a reminder to myself to find time to breathe. So many people can try to bring you down, and the pressures of life can make you sometimes feel like you’re choking. Finding time to breathe away from the smoke is a necessity. Especially if you want to survive in this game.

Check out the studio online. They do GREAT work out of a home studio and are very receptive to the artists needs, wants, and ideas.

Kama Sutra

We are about halfway through the Mixtape, it’s amazing the amount progress that’s being made and the caliber of talent that we have been fortunate enough to work with. The track Kama Sutra, is by far the sexyist track on the Mixtape, it may be dangerous to listen to in the right setting, if you know what I mean. Check out Crystaal getting down on the groovy bassline!


Teenage Drugs w/ Jon Shockness

I did a live studio session to Craig David’s version of “Rise and Fall” with Jon Shockness not that long ago. We recorded it at Arsenal Studios which is one of my favorite studios as well. We had so much fun that I knew when I had the chance to work with him again that I’d jump at the opportunity as fast as I could. When I wrote Teenage Drugs, I wasn’t planning on having a feature but after listening to it so many times, I couldn’t get Jon out of my head. I just simply envisioned him on the track. I quickly hit him up (he was on tour) to see if he’d like to do it and he gladly took the challenge. I didn’t give him any direction, he just came into the studio (KMG)I was expecting him to sing and to my surprise…he rapped and it was absofuckinglutely fantastic. 2 takes and that was it. We laughed and had a ton of fun in the studio. It was hard getting him in there for a minute because of his hectic schedule but once we were in the studio, it was simply magic. That’s what comes to mind when working with Shockness…just pure magic, and I’m confident that you can feel that on the song. A music video is being done and I’m certain that it will follow the sound in the┬ábest way possible.

Check out Jon and the rest of Air Dubai in their newest video “Soul & Body”

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